Chumash was created by Rock-it Pocket founder Flip Naumburg in the early 1990’s on the beaches in and near Santa Barbara, and named after the people that once lived there.

Essentially, it’s 3 on 3 lacrosse played on a special goal with no goaltender. Perfect for teaching youngsters the fundamentals of movement and catching and throwing in a game situation without exposing them to a huge, intimidating field. Chumash goals are also good for running simple drills if you are short on goaltenders.

The Chumash net is approximately 1' x 6'. We have had success building with ABS piping and more sturdy nets out of 2" metal sprinker tubing. Make sure that you weigh down the base to avoid the net tipping over in the wind, or from a hard shot.

Rock-it Pocket also sells Chumash goals ready to assemble and play.